Fujian RongShiYe group,was formally established in 2011,since 1991 began operating,is a collection of indoor and outdoor decoration engineering,building cur-tain wall engineering,landscape engineering,building decoration materials production and sales,thus large special building materials and all kinds of stone products such as a number of services for the integration of architectural decoration enterprises,located in "china stone carving of the township"--quanzhou huian.Co-pros-perity group with the first-grade qualification of construction curtain wall project design and construction,garden ancient architecture engineering contracting fication,construction decoration decoration engineering design and construction of the qualifications,steel structure project specialized contracting 3 qualification and metal doors and Windows project specialized contracting 3 qualification,is HuiAn and stone, building curtain wall industry of fujian province famous brand and leading enterprises,is a professional construcion contract top 20 enterprises in fujian province.
  The group is large,covering more than 300 mu,with a floor area of more than 50,000 square meters.It has more than 800 employees,including more than 50 tech-nicians.With total RongShiYe co.,LTD.,fujian fujian co-prosperity building decoration engineering co.,LTD.,glory stone huian day co.,LTD and xiamen RongTa import and export trade co.,LTD.,multiple subsidiaries,registered capital 85 million yuan,with a total investment of more than one hundred million yuan.Which founded in 2006,co-prosperity for examination and approval of building decoration engineering co.,LTD.,is by the national ministry of construction level of con-srtuction enterprise,in 2008 was named the construction of fujian province AAA grade credit enterprise,in 2011 was rated as back-up for huian listed enterprises.
  The company has experienced several stages of development.In the 1990s, the production and processing of stone carvings were mainly sold in southeast Asia,Japan, Europe and Europe. From 2000 to 2006, several branches were established, and gradually expanded the scope of the company’s service, and began to dabble in various aspects such as building materials industry and foreign stone processing. In the company system and constantly improve and expand the scale at the same time,the product production process and the quality of the service industry and government approval, has obtained the double product quality management system certification.third stage of group development,2006-2010, seized the huian government proposed ”combines the construction and stone industries policy oppor-tunities,and supported by the competent department, to undertake the Shanghai Oriental global business center project, hainan wenbifeng, Indonesia lingshan dhi jade five hundred arhat hall,India qin Nai hotel curtain wall decoration domestic and international famous construction projests,such as culture is more profound,and further out of the HuiAn,in Shanghai,Beijing and other 10 sites across the country set up a branch, build co-prosperity brand together, Since then, in the com-pany to obtain the first-grade qualification of national building curtain wall facilities and construction integration, business continued to rise, construction projects at home and abroad and the dosage of a large number of stone material to improve;Group headquarters built in August 2012, in response to a HuiAn county. the
county government, policy, land two hundred mu for the preparation coprosperity carve art creative industrial park, into the academic idea, to further expand the county government,policy,land two hundred mu for the preparation”co-prosperity carve art creative industrial park,”into the academic idea,to further expand the awareness,consolidate the market position, The groups journey continues.
  Because was born in HuiAn co-prosperity group of stone carving works are rich, the model of south sculpture art style, build is “apricot blossom spring rain,jiang-nan”of the charm. Business creation in nearly 30 years, co-prosperity group also learning Chinese and western sculpture style of other essence, innovation, but never give up on the south sent art heritage and development. Big business seeks the way- in a recent major projects “co-prosperity carve art creative industrial park,” co-prosperity group will elaborate creation, investment, comprehensive and in-depth show the south wing of sculpture “extremely rich artistic beauty”, to train south HuiAn inherit traditional carving art,stone carving art talent contribute.
  “The coexistence of thousands of thousands of years, the prosperity of the spring”, the communist party of the communist party of the communist party to declar of the communist party to declare;for all that we can do,never spare no effort! With deep background and such confidence,I believe that the former road of the cgrong group will be bright and bright.