As we all know, if an enterprise wants to make great progress, it needs not only sufficient funds, correct decision-making, scientific system, but also a large number of outstanding professional talent team. For the construction and decoration enterprises like Gongrong Group, the reason for success and development is that he has a craftsman spirit of the technical team. Then what is craftsman spirit? The spirit of craftsman, broadly speaking, refers to the attitude of striving for perfection in work and undertaking, which regards work or a thing or a craft as the pursuit of faith. It is not limited to what field, but the key lies in "spirit" two words. Qiushan Lihui, the author of The Spirit of the Craftsman, summed it up very well: "A first-class craftsman, whose character is more important than his skill, has a first-class mind and must have a first-class technology." There is also an idiom in China, called "ingenuity" to describe the wonderful realm of doing things, the highest realm of craftsmen - "technology into the Tao" is the cultural origin of ancient times.

Born in Huian, Quanzhou, the hometown of stone carving with a long history and cultural background, Gongrong Group inherits the great craftsmans way of pursuing excellence and excellence. Gongrong Group has more than 50 high-level technical personnel, although not many, but all have their own craft pursuit of outstanding talents, is the essence and soul of the enterprise. In the design and carving, the co prosperity team is tempering, self polishing, introverted and focused on their temperament. Every task project, for the real craftsman, is not only a work, but also an artistic creation, is in the design and development, construction, detail sculpture of the whole process of devotion and research, they not only to customer satisfaction, but also to the fine arts and crafts.

In fact, in addition to the table Yues craft and solid reputation, craftsman spirit can give enterprises, but also inexhaustible innovation, always keep the power of vitality. If we want to make the foundation evergreen, we cant make a great progress without the attention and innovation of the craftsmen. We cant make the enterprise develop by leaps and bounds. Without the spirit of craftsmen, it is difficult for them to have their own core technology, so there is no guarantee for sustainable development. Therefore, Gongrong Group attaches great importance to the efforts to integrate the "craftsman spirit" into the construction of corporate culture, not only the technical team, all Gongrong people should be calm, keen, honest service and never stop quality, so as to rally strength in the fierce market competition, maintain a leading position, and remain invincible. The land.