Think Mobile First

MobileAccording to “72% of smartphone shoppers say they research an item before purchasing it.”

Mobile advertising is a powerful internet marketing tool that will help you meet your objectives and maintain a high–ROI. Mobile can help you promote your app? drive calls to your business? drive online leads or sales? drive in–store sales? and help you build awareness.

With mobile advertising? there are different methods to assure your ads are showing up where customers are searching on the device they are using. Creating the right mobile ads with the right keyword and bid strategy will give you a competitive advantage and help you get found? derive leads? and expand your reach.

With more people spending time on smartphones? you need to understand how to reach them with affordable mobile advertising solutions. At Lazworld we help you reach qualified? local customers by geo-targeting them with mobile ads & SMS text messaging based on their location? time of day? and other contextual factors.

We make the most of your mobile advertising budget by creating high relevant and targeted mobile campaigns that include:

  • Local targeting
  • Actionable Ads
  • Target your customers
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Custom Mobile Creative

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