PPC Audit

Lazworld.com offers free and paid PPC audits by independent Google Certified Auditors. Our audits are designed for those looking to assess the performance of their current Agency? provider? or in–house teams? to learn if there are opportunities for real improvement? ways to reduce CPC and increase conversions? and ways to improve ROI.

Audit Areas

  • Campaign settings
  • Account structure
  • Search terms
  • Keyword strategy
  • Search terms
  • Keyword match type
  • Negative keywords
  • Keyword opportunities
  • Geographic results
  • Location targeting
  • Targeting settings
  • Ad strategy
  • Ad copy
  • Ad extensions
  • Ad group structure
  • Re–marketing
  • Mobile results
  • Device targeting
  • Device settings
  • Day/Time Results
  • Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • And more

Our free audit covers up to 3 campaigns? after the audit we will send you a detailed PDF report with our findings. If you are interested in a PPC audit? please complete the form or call 732–280–8069.

Free PPC Audit & Report: