Webinar "Solids analysis - from the laboratory sample to the analysis result"

From the laboratory sample to the analysis result: This webinar series from RETSCH, CEM and Agilent covers the complete element analysis.

The practical webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of mechanical processing of solids, microwave digestion and the subsequent analysis.

RETSCH: The Art of Milling

The online seminar focuses on the importance of sample preparation for subsequent analysis and describes ways of eliminating potential sources of error. You will receive useful tips for choosing the optimum crusher or grinder and the best suited accessories. The importance of correct parameter setting will also be explained.


  • Why is sample homogenization necessary and what needs to be considered for the process?
  • How do different size reduction principles work for different samples?
  • Live demonstration of RETSCH crushers and mills in the application lab, from pre-grinding to pulverization
Presented by
Dr. Tanja Butt & Dr. Gerhard Beckers, RETSCH GmbH

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CEM: Microwave analysis technology

In this webinar we present modern, simple, safe and time-saving methods for everyday laboratory. The operations are explained with application examples. After the lecture, the devices  with their incredible speed will be demonstrated live.


  • Fast microwave digestion with the new MiniClave technology
  • Fast automated solvent extraction in 10 minutes
  • Fast muffle furnace for loss of ignition and sulphate ash content
  • Rapid moisture determination in 2 minutes
  • Rapid measurement of fat content in 30 seconds
  • Rapid measurement of the protein content in 3 minutes
Presented by
Mark Gerdes und Ulf Sengutta, CEM GmbH

Agilent: atomic spectroscopy

What does Agilent’s brand new ICP-OES 5800 offer? Virtual and live demo! After a short news update from the MP-AES and ICP-MS website, you will learn how new elements called free-form optics, AVS7 and IntelliQuant make an essential contribution to detection limits, speed and data security. In the second part, we introduce the hardware and software functions of the brand new ICP-OES 5800 to you in our demo laboratory by means of live switching based on application examples.


  • News from atomic spectroscopy; MP-AES, ICP-OES and ICP-MS
  • Introducing the new ICP-OES 5800 with free-form optics and 5 star ranking
  • 45min. ICP-OES Live Session directly from Agilent’s demo laboratory
Presented by
Gernot Hudin & Dieter Projahn AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES GmbH

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